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Who ordered the shock paddles?

Wow, I wonder if this qualifies for the longest break period between posts in a weblog? In any case, I’ve been meaning to start this blog up ever since I came into some “free time” a few months ago, but have been mired in the details long enough to finally just go “screw the details and just launch the damn site”.

I’ll be covering the usual stuff here that I used to on my last two blogs, and, but with far fewer “I had a jelly sandwich for lunch” updates. So we’re talking video games, movies, TV, and any other pop culture occurrences that catch my attention.

Stay tuned! There’ll be stuff here for sure, I promise!


Hello World!

After a long hiatus, has resurrected itself as Why the name change? No reason other than I figured a change was in order. Also I’m too cheap to think about registering two domain names.

What’s in store for my new home on the web? I’ll still be talking about video games, movies, and whatever else manages to catch my fancy, but mostly it’ll be a portal for everyone out there curious to know what I’ve been doing with my time (all three of you). So keep checking back for updates to the site. I guarantee it’ll be an interesting ride from hereon in.